Tulsa’s 9th Annual Williams Route 66 Marathon

Whether your are a Tulsa local or just a visitor, you may have had the pleasure of participating in one of this town’s biggest events of the year! Thousands of runners from all across the United States, the world even, came together in Tulsa Sunday morning to take part in the 9th Annual Williams Route 66 Marathon.

For all of you active, adventure seeking folks who are looking to move to Tulsa, we have an event that will draw you in, year after year!

If running is your passion, be sure to move to Tulsa during the New Year and get settled in just in time to be part of the 2015 Route 66 Marathon. If you do not already enjoy running but want to pick up the hobby, you have an entire year to prepare!

The Tulsa Route 66 Marathon includes a standard marathon, half marathon, and a marathon relay. Starting downtown and ending by the Brady Art District, the marathon is a great way to tour Tulsa and meet fellow runners. Apart from the marathon events, the weekend is always jam packed with events for everyone to enjoy.

Chase Morris Foundation Hosts Student Screenings

The city of Tulsa believes that when it comes to your children, is it better to be safe than sorry.

One of Tulsa’s recent concerns is the health defects that are often overlooked in children, due to their age. When it comes to heart problems, the young and healthy population are not a large concern. However, the Morris family of Tulsa disagrees.

If you are not a Tulsa local, you may not be familiar with Chase Morris. Morris was a healthy, young, and athletic student who was a victim of an overlooked heart problem. This year, the Chase Morris Foundation insisted on hosting screenings for potential heart problems for more than 200 students in Tulsa.

Although screenings are not as promoted as they should be among adolescents, the city of Tulsa and the Chase Morris Foundation encourage families to not take the chance in not getting a heart screening for their youngest children.

Tulsa is full of bright students with a long life ahead of them, and that is exactly how Tulsa wants it to stay. If you move to Tulsa, you can be certain that your children will be in great hands.

Thousands Attended the Tulsa Veterans Day Parade

Nothing could stop the thousands of Tulsa residents from lining up for the Veterans Day Parade, not even in the less than suitable weather. Everyone from all ages were layered up and bundled to stay warm on Tuesday morning, because when it comes to celebrating those who have fought on our behalf, Tulsa residents know that it is worth it.

The Tulsa Veterans Day parade featured everything from floats, ROTC members, and high school marching bands who played through the chilly, early afternoon. Tulsans believe that the very least that they can do for our veterans that have sacrificed so much for us, is stand out in the cold in their honor. Despite the cold weather, Tulsa put on a great parade.

If you are looking to move to Tulsa in the near future, you should know that the Tulsa community is by far some of the friendliest people you will meet, and loyal to our veterans! If you are looking to settle down in a great community, call All My Sons Moving & Storage of Tulsa and schedule your move today!

Comic Con is Coming to Tulsa

Halloween has come and gone, but several people in Tulsa are still in costumes. Normally, this would be a little strange; however, this year Comic Con is coming to Tulsa for the first time.

Comic Con is a nonprofit education corporation whose sole purpose is to create awareness and appreciation for comics and related art forms through hosting conventions and events. It is heaven for sci-fi and fantasy fans and has, in recent years, topped over 130,000 attendees.

This ultimate comic convention is usually hosted in San Diego, but Nashville’s turnout is one of the largest as well. With the increase in attendance and popularity, Comic Con has received several smaller shows that have sprouted across the United States, one location being Tulsa.

Over the years, Comic Con has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that thousands of fans travel from all over the country to take part in.

This is good news for Tulsa; Comic Con will help boost the local economy by drawing in a flood of people into downtown Tulsa for the massive convention.

Take out your Halloween costumes once more and come to Tulsa’s first Comic Con! Saturday night they will be holding a costume contest, or you can wear your costume for fun! Comic Con is a perfect place to be creative and relish in the world of sci-fi.

If you are looking to move to Tulsa, there are always new and exciting things coming to Tulsa each year!

Athletic Women Excel of Tulsa

Athletes have been used as an iconic image for a strong, powerful, and healthy person. However, when we talk about athletes many of us immediately think professional athletes, which is not always the case.

Everyone has the potential to be an athlete whether they go professional or not. There are many unspoken benefits of being an athlete of all kinds, which Athletic Women Excel of Tulsa is trying to promote.

AWE Tulsa is a new initiative introduced by the Tulsa Sports Commission that wants to educate females on how they can own their bodies and fight past their comfort zones.

Being an athlete, you learn about defeat and how to pick yourself back up again. You learn how to push yourself past your comfort zone to do better and be better. Perhaps most importantly, you develop a sense of confidence that you otherwise would not have.

Aside from health benefits and physical appearance, AWE Tulsa pushes female athletes in order to promote the benefiting characteristics that participating in athletics can have. The Tulsa Sports Commission is hopeful that this initiative will bring a new focus on womens’ athletic events and programs to Tulsa. If you are a woman and moving to Tulsa, be sure to take a look at this new initiative taking place in the Tulsa community.

East Tulsa Outlet Mall Proposal

Are you looking to move to Tulsa? Consider moving to a home in East Tulsa! If you like shopping, East Tulsa will soon be able to satisfy your every retail need.

Horizon Group Properties has just released a proposal to build an outlet mall, featuring nearly 100 stores. Not only will you have several stores to choose from, the outlet mall will also feature prices to appeal to everyone.

Apart from being a large attraction for shoppers and those needing some retail therapy, the city expects that the addition of the mall will lead to growth for East Tulsa. The large outlet mall will bring jobs and help to generate revenue from shoppers who come from all over Oklahoma.

Although the plan is still in the early stages, there is a lot of excitement for the thriving future that the mall signifies for Tulsa. Current proposal plans are under review for the East Tulsa locations, as well as discussions for a West Tulsa location.

The city of Tulsa already has a lot to offer and will only continue to bring more to the table for its residents.

Stop stalling on your move and call your Tulsa movers today. All My Sons of Tulsa will be able to help you with your move as well as suggest prime locations in East Tulsa to move to, so that you will be minutes from all of your daily necessities!

Special Early Appearances in Tulsa

Dinosaurs are coming back to life thanks to the Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular. However, they have made special early appearances in Tulsa this month prior to their upcoming show at Tulsa’s BOK center.


As Baby-T, one of the smallest life-like dinosaurs, stomped through gymnasiums such as the one at Sequoyah Elementary School, children could not help but get a closer look and reach for this captivating replica.

Baby-T, a one-man operated puppet, is only a small part of what you can expect at the Walking With Dinosaurs show. There are larger dinosaurs that tower over Baby-T and are a three-person operation. But do not let the fact that these are puppets fool you; these spectacular machines move and react freakishly lifelike.

Next month, the Walking With Dinosaurs show will be scheduled for three viewings, so be sure to jump on the opportunity quickly. November 11th there will be an evening show at 7:30PM and a 3:30PM showing on the 12th. The tickets range from $25 to $75 depending on how up-close and personal you dare to be with the large creatures.

The show at the BOK center presents 20 stunning dinosaurs from ten different species which were alive during the Cretaceous period. The dinosaurs are always being improved, as several paleontologists work to keep the dinosaurs looking as accurate as possible. Over the years, paleontologists discover new details; such as, the fact that dinosaurs were feathered. The new detail was added to this year’s show in order to honor the dinosaurs in the best way they can. The lifelike dinosaur show is entertaining for all ages so bring the entire family to this extra special event.

If you are moving to Tulsa, you can expect to see several attractions and shows just like this one, being featured throughout the area. Tulsa is a great town, with several good schools that bring in new and exciting ways for students to learn, like through Baby-T and his show. Call All My Sons Moving Company of Tulsa today and get personalized advice on the best community in Tulsa to suit you and your family.

Experience Fall Tulsa Traditions

If you are moving to Tulsa this fall be sure that you and your family participate in all of Tulsa’s finest traditions.

The fall season is one of Tulsa’s best seasons! The excitement of the holidays is in the air and the stadiums are booming with joy and excitement. But there is so much that needs to be experienced in the next two short months that you may not know where to begin.

If you are moving to Tulsa, here is a short list of the top fall traditions to partake in:

  1. It is football season…and football in Tulsa is huge! Regardless of whether or not you have children in high school, be sure to attend a local high school football game. The local high school football games draw large crowds and are a great way to show support for your new community. If you have younger children that will be enrolling in school, this is also a great way to show them what they have to look forward to. The most popular game to spectate is the yearly rivalry game between Union and Owasso High Schools.
  2. Once you have dipped your toes into high school football, kick it up a notch and attend a University of Tulsa football game. And do not forget to tailgate! Tailgating can help you make friends in the community AND is a lot of fun!
  3. Pick up your Halloween essentials at your local pumpkin patch. If you have younger kids, picking pumpkins is a great way to spend a weekend afternoon together and you can even spend the rest of the weekend carving them.
  4. Take your family to OktoberFest at River West Festival Park. This four day festival starts October 16th and is filled with great music, food, and games with your entire family to enjoy.
  5. The following week, go watch the BooHaHa Parade in Brookside. This is Oklahoma’s largest Halloween event with food, trick-or-treating, and costume contests for both pets and kids.
  6. Speaking of animals, the zoo also hosts a Halloween event called HallowZOOeen. Never been trick-or-treating in a zoo before? Bring your kids to trick-or-treat while surrounded by all of their favorite furry-friends! The event takes place October 27th through the 31st and all proceeds go towards improving the zoo.
  7. Don’t forget to end your Halloween festivities by visiting the Halloween Festival at Castle of Muskogee. The 60 acre Halloween theme park has several scary events to choose from.
  8. Kick off the Christmas cheer by joining in on the day of Thanksgiving for the lighting of Utica Square. Commencing at 6:30 p.m., you will be able to enjoy carols and hot chocolate while witnessing the breath-taking light display.

The fall season in Tulsa is packed with festivities that everyone moving to Tulsa should experience. Call your Tulsa movers today, get settled in this fall, and get a head start on the fall Tulsa traditions.

Earthquake’s Affects on Oklahoma Homeowners

In 2014 Oklahoma leads the nation in seismic activity – even more than California. Since we wrang in the new year, Oklahoma has reported more than 200 earthquakes with a magnitude of 3.0 or greater. This new irregularity has people curious as to what is causing this dramatic increase in quakes. Two years ago they averaged two 3.0+ quakes a year, its increased to two a day. Many people believe its attributed to the increase in fracking and fluid injection from oil companies in Oklahoma, others believe its a combination of many things. But one thing is certain, Oklahoma homeowners must be prepared.

Somethings residents in Oklahoma experiencing earthquakes can do to protect themselves and their belongings are the following:

1. Move your bookshelves and other tall items away from couches and beds. Doing this will prevent them from falling on top of you.
2. Place heavier objects on lower shelves and in lower cabinets. Decreases fall and damage to other belongings or yourself.
3. Be sure any heavier and or taller appliances are secured and steady, like water heaters, washer-dryer stacks, and refrigerators.
4. Make sure you have your home covered with earthquake insurance so you don’t fret over damage done.
5. During the quake, be sure to drop to the floor so you are not thrown to it, and hide your head and neck, or whole body if you can, underneath a sturdy table.

If Oklahoma homeowners are prepared for an earthquake, then they can prevent the quake from doing too much damage. Your local Tulsa moving company knows how valuable your home is to you, and we want to ensure you are prepared to protect it, even in the worst circumstances.

Sources: http://newsok.com/are-you-really-ready-for-a-big-quake/article/3942800


Tulsa Students Will Love New ‘Early Release’ Program

If you are a parent of school children, the following news will make your kids’ day! Tulsa’s public school district has just approved an early release program which will enable school board members take advantage of faculty development time. With the exception of August, December, and May, every last-Friday-of-the-month will be an early release day on which students will enjoy mid-day departure after lunch. While students will love kick starting the weekend early, they will also benefit in the long run as teachers and staff will utilize the time to plan for improved scholastic achievement. This is one win-win scenario that your Tulsa professional movers are sure your kids will approve!