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After moving to Tulsa this summer, try to make it a point to make your children’s summer special and fun! Moving is difficult on the entire family, but especially kids, and it is the perfect season regardless of what state you are in, to go out and have some fun. The Tulsa movers at All My Sons have a list of the classic summer activities for kids that will allow them to have fun and make some new friends after moving to Tulsa!

* Have a lemonade sale. There is nothing like mixing up some lemonade and building a stand in your neighborhood to give your kids the ultimate summer experience. Watch how your child’s face lights up when a customer agrees to buy a glass from him or her. Place a jar on the table, and help your child brainstorm ways to spend the money later. The process is exciting, and it also teaches kids the value of working to earn money.

* Have a paint (or water) balloon fight. Fill water balloons with paint and let your kids have a wild time in the backyard. Dress them in white clothing, and they will have a ball getting themselves messy.

* Play manhunt. This is basically hide-and-seek, but reversed. Almost everyone is seeking a small group of hiders or fugitives. Manhunt takes place in your neighborhood and kids love collaborating to uncover the missing players.

When you are melting under the sun this summer in Tulsa, you have another option other than to endure the heat. There are quite a few popular movies that are in theaters this summer in Tulsa, that come recommended by local residents and the local movers at All My Sons. Summer is the perfect time to keep cool while catching an impressive film.

* Finding Dory: Dory, the main character, is a blue tang fish from the classic film Finding Nemo. In this movie, Dory sets off to find her estranged family. While it is true that Dory has short term memory loss and forgets what has occurred every ten seconds, she amazingly recalls that her family is out there somewhere, and it is up to her to find them. This heartwarming tale appeals to all ages.

* Ghostbusters: As a remake of the original film, this movie is about the mission of a group of professionals-a paranormal researcher, a physicist, a nuclear engineer, and a subway worker-to rid New York of ghosts. It is both hilarious and thrilling, and can provide a much needed laugh this summer after moving to Tulsa.

* Bad Moms: Amy, a gracious wife and mother, becomes overwhelmed by the cumbersome responsibilities that come with her role as a family woman. In order to break the monotony of her days, she decides to let loose with a few other fed-up moms. The result is absolute chaos and hilarity. Prepare to laugh yourself breathless as you watch these women have a showdown with the PTA clique around town.

Upon moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma, a great way to get the ball rolling and become comfortable is to engage in a little summertime fun. There are so many appealing endeavors to try out, and your first few summer months in Tulsa are practically begging for you to use them for this very purpose. If you are open to adventures and outlandish activities, then you have come to the right place for ideas. Local Tulsa movers urge new residents to consider the following when looking for summertime fun in the area.

* Roller Coaster Highway: If you are looking for a truly wild ride, this is the highway to approach. This is not an amusement park ride, even though it looks that way. The road bobs up and down with sharp drops. It is one of a kind, and bordering on the dangerous side, so stay mindful of that. If you crave a driving experience like no other, try driving down Roller Coaster Highway; but, be careful!

* Woodward Park: Tulsa Garden Center, a nonprofit organization, promotes horticultural education and the celebration of nature by funding this public area. The grounds are open to the public, free of charge on Tuesday-Saturday. There are several different gardens, a conservatory, and an arboretum. Woodward Park also features one of the country’s finest horticultural libraries that you can visit after moving to Tulsa.

* Tulsa Zoo: This 85-acre reserve is a non-profit geared towards educating the public about wildlife. There are animals such as the Asian Elephant, California Sea Lion, White Rhinoceros, and Aldabra Tortoise.

Have you ever thrown a classic breakfast for dinner party? If your answer is no, then you have no time to lose. Everyone should host this unique themed party at least once, and there is no better way to get comfortable after moving to Tulsa than with this legendary occasion. Try out these poppin’ ideas from local Tulsa movers to make your shindig an unforgettable night.

* Make the event for pajama lovers only. Require that all of your guests show up in their favorite nightwear. The more ridiculous the attire, the more successful your party is! Onesies, night gowns, polka dot pants, and pinstriped button down shirts are all welcome. Including this feature to your breakfast for dinner party makes it quirky and inviting. Not to mention, it is unbelievably comfortable after a long move to Tulsa!

* Send out invitations in a creative way. Perhaps bring it back to the basics and handwrite them on napkins. This approach is endearing. You can also send an evite, a Facebook message, or an email. When creating the invitation list for your breakfast for dinner party, make sure to include a group of people who mingle well together. Ensure that they have common interests, with the most important interest being a love for breakfast.

* Plan out your menu. You can create extravagant dishes, such as homemade funnel cakes. You can go for crepes, omelets, and croissants. However, one recommendation from All My Sons after moving to Tulsa is also to provide some of the basics. Cereal, scrambled eggs, and a pancake or two are standard breakfast foods, and you can never go wrong with the classics.

Even though it isn’t connected to an ocean, there are plenty of really great water holes and public pools for you and the family to swim in Tulsa this summer.

Blue Hole Park

If you just moved to Tulsa, this is a spot you have to check out! For generations, this place to swim in Tulsa has attracted families and fun seekers, and it’s the best spot that our local Tulsa movers could recommend. There’s camping, crawdad fishing, and great swimming with shallow waters for kids and families to enjoy as well. This is a great chance to check out the Tulsa countryside as well.

Big Splash Water Park

Although the Big Splash Water Park may be less natural than the Blue Hole Park, it’s just as great for summer fun. The park has been open for over 30 years and most people grew up going to Big Splash to swim in Tulsa every summer. Just ask your local Tulsa movers and they will probably have a great childhood memory from this iconic spot.

River Country Water Park

This is another great water park in the Tulsa area, but as some might say, it’s not your average water park. There are bog slides and even a lazy river that parents can check out; grab a tube and some sun screen, and get ready to discover why this is one of the best places to swim in Tulsa.

If you’re just looking for a quick dip to fight the Tulsa summer heat, check out some of the public pools in the area. Swim Tulsa USS and Sungate Neighbors are great spots to get a little wet and relax in the sun. You can head there while the local Tulsa movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage unpack your belongings.

If you have just moved to Tulsa, we want to thank you for choosing the long distance movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage! Tulsa is a place that’s big on community, and because we have those cold winters, we enjoy spending time outside with friends and family when the summer months come.

Make sure to check out the following recommendations for summer fun in Tulsa.

Tulsa Tough

This is the big summer party for Tulsa residents that rolls around every year. While bikers enjoy the races around the Tulsa park track, there’s enough going on to keep everyone entertained. If you have used Tulsa auto movers to get your motorcycle to your new home, check out these races and maybe next year you could join in on the summer fun in Tulsa. Tulsa Tough takes place June 12th – 14th.

Porter Peach Festival

We take our summer time seriously in Tulsa, which means there’s always a good festival to check out throughout June. The event takes place near a peach orchard and the point is for patrons to go and pick some of the fruit for themselves. There are also stores, crafts, and activities for all ages; you may even see a few of your long distance Tulsa movers picking peaches! Join us from June 16th – 18th.

Muscogee National Festival

You can’t have summer fun in Tulsa without a little bit of music. The Muscogee National festival is an annual event that brings free music to the people of Tulsa. The weekend festival will host Kool and the Gang as well as Sawyer Brown and The Commodores. There will be plenty of other activities throughout the festival, so make sure to check it out from June 25th – 28th.

Summer is in the air and that means it’s time to splash around in the sun, have a few great barbecues, and dress in your summer best. You may feel the need to do some decorating, but how about just giving your mailbox a little makeover?

The Tulsa movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have seen a lot of mailboxes in our days of moving people to Tulsa, and we have a few tips for anyone new to the area on how to decorate your mailbox.

New Mailbox or DIY

Is your mailbox in such bad shape that you need to start over, or is your other mailbox still in good shape? If your mailbox is made of wood, you might want to check for rot and replace the post. For the rest of it, some sand paper, primer, and a new coat of paint can do wonders.

Summer Colors for Summer Fun

Regarding how to decorate your mailbox, never underestimate the power of a little color. Go for lighter hues and try some yellows and oranges for a nice bright look. You can always change the color again whenever you want, so don’t feel obligated to choose a color that you have to stick to. You change, life changes, and you might even move to a new home; if you do, you know which Tulsa movers to call!

Serious Style

If you are looking for a fun and quick summer project, why not teach your kids how to decorate your mailbox? You could try the classic look where you make the mailbox look like a smaller version of your house, or you could get creative and re-purpose some old furniture that your Tulsa movers unpacked. Give that old, tired lamp or spice rack new life and a new purpose as your mailbox!

With all the amazing sounds and sights of Tulsa, the city is a unique combination of music, art, sports, and a great place to go explore! After moving to Tulsa, there are a few hot spots in town that should be on the top of your list of places to check out and get acquainted with the city this weekend.

One of the main, must-attend weekend events after moving to Tulsa takes place at ONEOK Field, home of the Tulsa Drillers. Go root for your new home team this weekend as they play against the Midland RockHounds at 7:05 p.m.!

Another must-attend weekend event after moving to Tulsa takes place at the Gilcrease Museum Institute of American History and Art. Known for its variety and multiple exhibitions by artists such as William R. Leigh and Rick Bartow. One of the main exhibitions is a piece by Nicholas Muray named Frida Kahlo: Through the Lens of Nicholas Muray. The Gilcrease Museum will be running this exhibition from July 10, 2016 to September 11, 2016.

For music, the city of Tulsa is alive and thriving with live music, shows and performances. Whether you would like to hit a bar and check out a small local band, or go to the performing arts center and check out the newest on-stage live performance, Tulsa movers know that you will enjoy the local music scene. The city of Tulsa has something for all music and entertainment tastes and likes. This weekend, there will be a very exciting show that Tulsa moving company, All My Sons recommends even if you are not a music fanatic for live music, the Tony Award winning show: Jersey Boys will be on stage at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center from May 24-May 29, 2016.



With the cold weather dissipating and the colorful flowers blooming, springtime is a great time to enjoy all that mother nature has to offer. But with that same breath it’s also a crockpot to generate serve storms capable for tornadoes to take shape. After making the transition to Tulsa and your Tulsa moving company has unloaded your last box you should look into how you’re going to protect your family while living in close proximity to Tornado Alley.

There are many different tornado shelters out on the market to choose from, but one brand is providing a more assemble shelter option for people. The New Day tornado shelters have a unique shape designed to optimize strength, aerodynamics and space-efficiency. The shelter can be installed indoors without losing all your garage space or just out your back door outside which is a good option for trailer homes as well.

The footprint of the New Day tornado shelters is just 42” across with an 80” headroom so even tall people can stand upright while inside the shelter. This piece of mind is a reasonable cost of $3,500 installed in Tulsa and just a dollar per mile up to 350 miles. But this is an investment that can move with you it can be redeployable to the next state or the next street. If your stay in the mid-region is temporary, ask about leasing options.

So when you set up your move with your Tulsa moving company plan for your New Day tornado shelter to be installed around the same time. So when you are all settled in you have nothing to worry about because you will be prepared with your instantly-accessible spot that’s stronger than a tornado.

With graduation ceremonies wrapping up and the final congratulations are given out it’s time to start planning for the next chapter in your educational journey and that may entail packing up your life into boxes to make that new transition. You may think you have all summer until you have to start worrying about moving to college but next thing you now move-in day will be right around the corner. Having a checklist as your trusty guide to help you down this new scary road will make it a less painful experience.

Organization is the key to space success. Freshman dorm rooms are beyond small so get creative when it comes to making the most out of the space you have to work with. Tulsa movers recommend investing in sturdy bans to keep everything and anything organized. Also get some bed lift posts so you can take full advantage of usually wasted space under the bed.

Make a game day plan. Move-in day will be hectic with a lot of moving parts to it, so having a clear plan of attack will keep everything on track. Start with rearranging the big furniture first before you bring boxes in so you have a blank canvas to work with. Then it will be easier to figure out where to place all the smaller things within the space.

Create dorm essentials list with roommate. Reach out to your future roomie before you meet up on move-in day so you go over what essentials you want in your new shared space because no one needs two microwaves. Plus, you can start to get a sense of what they like and are into way before you start living together.

If all of this planning isn’t your cup of tea, there’s always the option to leave it up to the professionals let your Tulsa movers handle the heavy lifting while you start creating memories and meeting new friends. All My Sons Tulsa has everything needed for move-in day to run smoothing, setting you up for success in college.