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East Tulsa is a lovely place to call home, but it has not had much retail development in the past thirty years. Sure, a store or two will pop up from time to time, but retail development has not kept up with residential development and our town’s population increase. But your Tulsa moving company recently learned that a large developer, Horizon Group Properties, proposed plans for a huge shopping outlet in East Tulsa. Woo hoo! The proposed name for the center is the Outlet Shoppes at Tulsa.

The proposal detailed a 400,000-square-foot, 95 store retail outlet that could potentially be ready by 2017. The retail outlet would bring in plenty of big-named stores, more eating options, and even additional offices and hotels. It would also create about 1,200 permanent jobs; which is great for the residents of East Tulsa. Horizon often partners with big brands and stores like: Coach, Ralph Lauren, and Michael Kors. The development company’s plans also include a summer concert series and a farmers market.

The proposed lot is at 129th East Avenue, at Interstate 44. The lot is thought to be perfect for such an outlet mall. It is right next to the highway and exit, and the land is solid for building. Because of this, other developers are also making proposals for an outlet mall.

If you are moving to Tulsa, you should definitely keep up with the development of this potential retail outlet; it will bring convenience and entertainment to your new home town!

If you are new to Tulsa, you should know that this town loves its beer, and Marshall Brewing Company is proof. The Tulsa-based brewing company has been around for decades and has grown increasingly popular in recent years. To answer the craft beer demand in Tulsa, Marshall Brewing Company created Arrowhead Pale Ale. This seasonal ale is only available during the summer months, so if you are new to town, now is the time to try this much-anticipated beverage! Your Tulsa movers know you will be glad you did!

Arrowhead Pale Ale is typically available from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and will hit liquor stores and bars across Tulsa on Thursday, May 21st. If you have not tried the popular brew yet, it is a light pale ale with a hoppy flavor that includes a hint of citrus, and is 5.2 percent alcohol. To celebrate the release of the summer ale, Marshall Brewing Company is throwing an official launch party on May 29, at James E. McNellie’s South City, a popular Tulsa public house.

Arrowhead Pale Ale will replace Marshall’s spring brew, Revival Red Ale. It will be replaced by the brewing company’s Oktoberfest Lager in late August or early September. Make sure to try this seasonal favorite. It is really popular with the locals, and for good reason! It will be the perfect complement to all of the barbecue you grill up this summer. Buy a few six-packs and invite the neighbors for a good time, Tulsa-style!

After moving to Tulsa, you may not expect to find many art studios, museums, and cultural centers. After all, Tulsa is in the Midwest. But once you do some exploring, you will be pleasantly surprised by what Tulsa has to offer its residents. You will find plenty of places to appreciate art, learn about different disciplines, and take your children for an educational family day.

For instance, Tulsans flock to the Brady Arts District during First Friday Art Crawl. This monthly crawl is held on the first Friday of the month, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. During the crawl, art galleries, studios, and museums open their doors to the public for free. Mini galleries also pop up, shops stay open late, and you can expect to see street performances, live music, vendors, and other entertainment. For instance, this month, 12 galleries and studios opened their doors, six bars and restaurants featured art, and there was entertainment like: live music, dance contests, and a performance by the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra. When First Friday Art Crawl began in 2007, about 50 people came to the first event. Today, more than 3,000 attend.

Tulsa is also home to the Philbrook Museum of Art, which opens its doors to the public, free of charge, the second Saturday of each month. Special entertainment is booked for these events, like theatre dancers. Attendance to Philbrook’s free admission days has grown in popularity as well. 257 people came to its first event, and now, about 2,000 people come to the museum the second Saturday of the month.

Tulsa has grown to be a pretty big city. As such, its cultural scene as exploded. If you are new to town, make sure your family takes advantage of all that Tulsa has to offer!

If you recently moved to Tulsa, you may not know about the tragic Memorial Day of 1984. Since the tragic incident, the city of Tulsa has become an example for flood control with its network of ponds and channels. The city has continued to prevent floods by moving the water away from the neighborhood and residences.

Tulsa city officials have developed a sustainable system to satisfy the high demand for housing in the area while preserving the safety of the people. Signs are up to warn people where possible flooding could take place, because in the city of Tulsa, safety is first.

The results speak for themselves. The future seems bright. The housing industry is going up and people are lining up to buy homes. Now, that is an investment we can trust. Long gone are the days where the water flooded and damaged homes and buildings. The success is the product of a well-planned model and appropriate resource allocation.

The city of Tulsa, in conjunction to The Federal Emergency Management Agency, funded this program. Now residences no longer have to worry about flooding despite Tulsa’s history. The retention flood is a mixed between cement channels and retention floods. The city has turned most of the land into parks and athletic fields. Tulsa won’t allow history to repeat itself.

If you are new to the Tulsa area, rest assured that your home will be safe from flooding. With all the new developments, your Tulsa movers know that our city is safe and wonderful place to raise a family!

Finding quality toys can be a struggle today. Everything is plastic, everything breaks, and nothing seems to teach kids anything valuable. But this will not be the case for Tulsa residents for much longer, because Tulsa Toy Depot is going to fill the void. The quality toy store will open on June 15th, and it will sell well-built and educational products, and plenty of books. Your Tulsa relocation company is really excited to check out this family-owned store!

Tulsa Toy Depot will carry toys targeted to kids up to 12 years old. As a small, quality toy store, it will carry products from smaller toy makers that are not available in big stores like Toys ‘R’ Us and Target. Brands like Fat Brain Toys, Kahootz and Manhattan Toy will all be available. These toys will also help kids develop motor, visual and verbal skills. The inventory will include wooden and hand-crafted items along with toys from countries like Germany, Italy and France. There will also be plenty of items made in the U.S. Ryan McAdams, owner of Tulsa Tony Depot, said that he will sell “heirloom” toys, meaning toys that people will be able to pass down to their own children.

If you have little ones and would love to get them some quality and educational toys, make sure to check out Tulsa Toy Depot in June. It will be located at 10114 S. Sheridan Road in the old Mecca Coffee South building. Take your kids too, so they can find toys that get them excited!

If you are a parent living in Tulsa, you have probably been to the Tulsa Zoo or are planning a visit soon. It is a great place for kids to interact with animals and let their imaginations run wild. It seems plenty of families have recognized the zoo’s attributes as of late, because this past March was Tulsa Zoo’s best performing March ever in terms of attendance! If you do not take your Tulsa relocation company’s word for it, numbers don’t lie! People really seem to enjoy all that Tulsa Zoo has to offer.

The Tulsa Zoo attributes this climb in attendance to the amazing exhibits it currently has. Zoorasic Park 2 drew tons of guests. The temporary exhibit showcases 11 dino species, like the T-Tex, the Baryonyx and the Triceratops. Zoorasic Park 2 will be open until August 31. Another exhibit, the Mary K. Chapman Rhino Reserve, also drew crowds. The updated reserve houses the zoo’s white rhinos and allows for more interaction between them and guests. The reserve cost about $3.5 million, but the rhinos are a big attraction for the zoo, so it made sense for the facility. The Rhino Reserve is the first of many renovations planned for the next 20 years.

Spring break is typically the busiest nine-day period of the year, and this year was particularly busy, bringing in record attendance for the Tulsa Zoo. 56,099 guests visited, which broke the 2009 record of 52,133 guests. With these kinds of numbers, 2015 may turn out to be Tulsa Zoo’s busiest year on record! If you have little ones, plan a day at the Tulsa Zoo soon, and make sure to check out Zoorasic and the Rhino Reserve!

When people think of “techy” or “nerdy” cities, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin and Seattle come to mind. But maybe Tulsa should be on the list too. Not so sure? Well, consider the Cox Business Center’s schedule over the next several months: the Heartland Gaming Expo, Tulsa Comic Expo, Tokyo in Tulsa, and a Wizard World Comic Con Convention. Let all that nerdiness sink in for a moment.

This lineup of techy and nerdy events demonstrated the demand for such expos here in Tulsa. The Heartland Gaming Expo, which will take place from April 10 through the 12, features a gaming tournament, new games by rising developers, vendors, tutorials, and expert gaming speakers. It also features a development competition. The Tulsa Comic Expo, held from May 22 through the 24th, calls itself as a “comic convention for all things geek, movie and comic related.” The event will feature Q&A panels, trivia and costume contests, and celebrity photo opportunities with cult favorites like Kane Hodder, Ernie Reyes, Judy Hoag and Robbie Rist. Tokyo in Tulsa is a three-day anime convention, which will be held from July 17 through the 19th. Gusts will be able to enjoy panel discussions, live gaming contests, vendors and costume contests. The Wizard World Comic Con Convention will take place from October 23 through the 25. The event celebrates pop culture, especially pop-fi, sci-fi, comics, graphic novels, anime and gaming. If you are interested, get your tickets quick, because they sold out before the event began last year!

If you or anyone in your family is a nerd, you will be glad you moved to Tulsa! With plenty of events and like-minded people in town, your Tulsa relocation company knows you will feel at home in no time!

If you love a good soccer match, then moving to Tulsa was the right choice. The city recently hosted the Lexus Tulsa Cup Tournament. This was the fifth year Tulsa hosted the youth soccer tournament, which was presented by Adidas. The event was a great way to get young athletes to town, and your Tulsa relocation company was pleased to learn the event brought in close to $5.5. million.

The soccer tournament took place on Friday, April 10th through Sunday, April 12th. It is the largest soccer tournament in the entire state of Oklahoma. This year, more than 400 teams hailing from eight different states participated. Over 1,000 matches took place across 50 fields in the Tulsa area, so if you were not there, you can only imagine how busy it was. More than 20,000 people disseminated across Tulsa’s soccer fields to play and watch the games.

Mohawk Sports Complex was the main venue, but Indian Springs Sports Complex and Metro Tulsa Soccer Complex also held several games. Teams were divided based on age and skill level, which resulted in 53 divisions. Winning teams advanced to the finals on Sunday.

If you missed the games, you can make it to another soccer bonanza in Tulsa this summer. The Youth Soccer National Championship will take place on July 21 through the 25, further solidifying Tulsa as a soccer mecca in America. If your kids love soccer, it will be an exciting way to spend the weekend and get involved with the sport!

If you are new to Tulsa and have been craving a Blizzard, you may have noticed that there are not many Dairy Queens in town. Actually, there are only two stores in the area: one In the Woodland Hills Mall and one in the Broken Arrow neighborhood. If neither of these locations are close to your home, you will not have to suppress your hankering for that Blizzard anymore! A Dairy Queen franchisee plans to build seven more Dairy Queen restaurants in the next three years, so one is bound to be pretty close to your new home! Your Tulsa relocation company knows that is music to your ears (and taste buds).

In the 70s, there were a ton of Dairy Queens in Tulsa, but as time passed, several began to shut down. Now that there are only two locations left, it is the perfect opportunity to begin building again. The first two locations have already been selected. The first will be in Owasso and will be open this June. The second will be in Tulsa, at the site of a former Mexican restaurant, and is planned to be open this July. According to the franchisee, a lot of residents have been asking for more Dairy Queen stores, and the existing Tulsa stores perform really well.

You won’t have to wait too long to enjoy your favorite childhood treat in Tulsa. Dairy Queens are the perfect place to take the kids for a little celebration, and they will love the Blizzards just as much as you do.

Tulsa is undergoing plenty of growth right now, so it is the perfect time to move to town. The latest development is the Walk at Tulsa Hills shopping center. The 155,000 square-foot shopping district is being built by Parkes Development Group, which hopes to have all stores in the shopping center open by the end of the year. Your Tulsa packing and moving company knows this is welcomed news for those who are new to town and looking for convenient shopping options.

Gander Mountain is the first store to open at the Walk at Tulsa Hills. The store is an outdoor lifestyle retailer that sells goods for camping, fishing, hiking and hunting. Other storefronts include: an Aldi grocery store, a Chuy’s Tex-Mex restaurant, a Carmike 12-screen movie theater, a Mathis Brothers Sleep Center, and a Freddie’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers. The Walk at Tulsa Hills is now completely leased out.

The shopping center cost developers roughly $32.5 million, but the hefty price tag will pump plenty of money into the local economy. Not only has the development and construction created jobs, but each store will need staff. The project just started last summer, so there has been an incredibly quick turnaround, as the developer has a very strict schedule.

If you are new to the Tulsa area, be sure to check out the Walk at Tulsa Hills. The movie theater will be a great place to take the kids for a family night out, and then you can head over to Freddie’s for some frozen custard or Chuy’s for some tacos. You can’t beat that!