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In need of some new, yet ironically retro, clothing? How about some hipster décor for your new Tulsa home? Well, then you are in luck! A new Urban Outfitters store recently opened right here in town, and your Tulsa moving and storage service providers are excited! Nothing says home like a box of vinyl records, right?

The highly anticipated Urban Outfitters is the first in the Tulsa area. The two-story, 9,000 square-foot building opened for business on February 19th. It is located on 3340 South Peoria Avenue in the Brookside area. There was an opening party, which included food and drinks for customers. Even the Clean Hands Army, a Tulsa screenprinter, was there to celebrate. To sweeten the deal, Dan Deacon will be in the store for a concert on March 7th. The Baltimore-based electronic musician will also be signing vinyl records!

The store is a welcomed addition to Tulsa, since it will be great for the local economy. Urban Outfitters had to hire a new staff, not to mention the construction of the store. Also, it is the only Urban Outfitters store within a four and a half hour drive. There were several people on opening day that drove a considerable distance to be there. Before the Brookside store, the closest Urban Outfitters was in Kansas City or Dallas.

If you have recently moved to Tulsa, you should check out the new store. Much of the community was very excited for its opening, especially because it was a first. Who knows, maybe you will find that centerpiece your new dining room table needs!

The other night, a whopping 2.7 inches of snow meant another snow day for Tulsa. Tulsa was not the only city in Oklahoma affected by the incredible amount of snowfall, as five inches of snow fell in Claremore, and Owasso had four inches and Sperry had 3.5 inches. The snow forced OU-Tulsa and Rogers State University to cancel classes the day after the storm.

Despite sand-salt crews having worked throughout the night, on Monday morning it was not an unusual sight to see cars left stranded by their owners, packed with snow and ice. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation issued a statement expressing that “drivers should be aware of slick spots statewide, particularly on highway bridges, overpasses and highway exit/entrance ramps. Drivers should allow extra space between vehicles, so there is adequate distance for braking in wet and icy conditions.”

Furthermore, bulky waste pickup had to be halted as a direct consequence of the snowstorm. The trash service stated that, “we ask customers to remain patient with collection service as most roads are steep on today’s routes.” In an extended effort to prevent any more snow buildup, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation began administering salt and sand to bridges and other elevated structures that could prove potentially hazardous to unsuspecting motorists.

Tulsa residents who are looking to begin packing and moving due to the excessive amount of snow, may want to stop what they are doing, as it is looking to clear up in the coming weeks.

Oklahoma has been prompted by three national experts to take notes from other states regarding educational standards and methods for improving student achievement. This plea for an improvement in standards, comes in response to the repealing of the Common Core standards.

One member of the Oklahoma Standards Setting Steering Committee – brought on to oversee the formation and execution of new standards in math and English literature departments – Sandra Stotsky, comes with a resume, boasting achievements such as developing one of the country’s strongest educational programs for the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Regarding the students of Massachusetts, Stotsky stated that they were, “about in the middle of the pack (among U.S. students) back in the mid-90s,” and since working on the educational standards within the state, “Massachusetts kids went to the top and stayed there since 2005.”

However, Chancellor Glen Johnson, a committee member, questioned whether or not there is enough time to even develop the new standards before 2016.

In response, Stosky reaffirmed that, “you have plenty of time, if you start with good foundational documents.” Subsequently, Stotsky spent time advising Oklahoma’s higher education members, in order to help them decipher whether or not the current PASS academic standard met federal criteria.

Further opposition came in the form of Don Raleigh, superintendent of Pryor Public Schools, when he expressed concern regarding the politics of creating new education standards.

Jane Schielack, associate dean for assessment and pre-K education at Texas A&M University, countered by commenting on her involvement in seeking out feedback from professional and parent associations; stating that, “if you hit those leadership groups, then it filters down to the people who care.”

This comes as good news and even better timing for those looking to move to the Tulsa area soon, as the school system will be getting a major facelift.

If you just moved to Tulsa and you are looking for the perfect gift for your sweetheart, this city has so many thoughtful choices. A box of chocolates or a dozen roses is nice, but a locally-made gift will be even better, since it will help your loved one get a bit more acclimated to living in a new city.

So about that box of chocolates. Your Tulsa relocation specialists suggest some baked goodies instead. Nothing says “I love you” like a heart-shaped Bavarian cream pie or chocolate-covered strawberries, right? Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery is the place to order from. This combination bakery and coffeehouse is a local gem, and it is adorable inside! Choose your Valentine’s favorite sweet, and send it to them with a card. If you want to create a spa-like atmosphere for your sweetheart, check out Organic Bath Shoppe on South Boulder Avenue. Their all-natural products will soothe and relax your loved one. To add something special, throw in a candle from Secret Garden Candle Company. They have new “I Heart Tulsa” candles that will make Tulsa feel like home for your beau. And if you just can’t help yourself, Tulsa has some great flower shops. The Wild Orchid and Mary Murray’s Flowers both create some beautiful bouquets.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to learn a little of what Tulsa has to offer. You will be impressed with all the shops, and the friendly staff will make you feel instantly welcomed. Tell them your Tulsa relocation specialists sent you!

Tulsa may surprise you with their recent additions to the restaurant scene. Notably, Tulsa started a new trend when four restaurants opened side-by-side concepts that share the same kitchen. Whether you are just planning on visiting or are contemplating moving to Tulsa, these restaurants will make you want to become one with the locals.

  1. Silverado Steakhouse. Offering everything from steak to salmon and inbetween, this restaurant on the rodeo grounds will have you wanting to order everything on the menu.
  2. Sisserou’s A Taste of the Caribbean. Where else in landlocked Tulsa can you feel like you are sipping pina coladas in the Caribbean? At Sisserou’s, located in Tulsa’s Brady Arts District, enjoy Dominican cuisine, featuring the likes of plantain poppers, jerk chicken, and oxtail stew.
  3. Tallgrass Prairie Table. Located in the heart of the historic Blue Dome entertainment district in downtown Tulsa, Tallgrass Prairie Table prides itself on serving locally sourced Modern American cuisine. If you are feeling brave, this is the place to come try their Snout and Tail Tasting Menu.
  4. La Crepe Nanou. Quite possibly one of the only places in Tulsa that can make you feel like you have slipped away to a bistro café in France; La Crepe Nanou will have you drooling over their sweet crepes and impressive French Wine list. Bon appetit!
  5. 624 Kitchen & Catering. Easily one of the best special event and private party venues in downtown Tulsa, boasting over 3,000 square feet of private dining space. On Sundays, they open to serve a delightful brunch buffet that will make you never want to leave.

Creating a bridge over the Arkansas River, connecting south Tulsa to Jenks, would not only ease the trouble of traveling from one town to the other, but also enhance public safety.

Bixby Mayor John Easton agrees, stating that, “I’ve been in contact with the folks contemplating the bridge in south Tulsa County. However, I’m not allowed to discuss any further details. But I can say: Look for some sort of announcement after the first of the year, and I think most of you will be pleased.”

As of today, there is only one bridge within city limits, which has created numerous problems for emergency responders.

Bixby Police Chief Ike Shirley admitted that, “we have one bridge that crosses the river, so that creates a lot of problems for us because when we have accidents – and we’ve had a number of things go down on that one roadway – it shuts everything down.”

Currently, the only other route aside from the bridge is several minutes away, which can have devastating repercussions for life-threatening calls. A recent example is when firefighters were severely delayed, just because a wide load was being moved across the bridge at the time of a call.

Shirley shares his distress by stating that, “we have no other way across the bridge unless we go through Jenks to get there, and that would be a tremendously long response, so we rely on mutual aid at that point.”

Having a secondary bridge built would ease the minds of those hesitant of moving to Tulsa in the event of an emergency, specifically those hesitant of moving to the other side of the bridge.

On Thursday, January 15, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation announced plans to build a $22 million entertainment complex at the Riverwalk Crossing in Jenks that will provide high-tech golf, family-oriented games, restaurants, sports bar, party rooms and corporate space. The tribe hopes to have the facility finished in 18 months, which will be built in an open space just north of the shopping center’s movie theater.

Principal Chief George Tiger stated that, “there will be nothing like it within a 250-mile radius.”

The new complex will be a partnership between the tribe and the RW Restaurant Group, which was formed specifically for the venture. Of the $22 million cost, $11 million will be covered by the tribe and the rest covered by RiverWalk.

According to John Vollbrecht, a local investor and representative of RiverWalk, the group is “honored to be partnered with them, and we believe this will be the start of a great revitalization of RiverWalk Crossing.”

In 2005, the original RiverWalk Crossing opened with a total of 110,000 square feet, costing $25 million. However, American National Bank of Texas sued to foreclose on the center in 2011, after arguing that investor David Salomon owed more than $28.1 million.

Since purchasing the property at a foreclosure auction for $11.5 million in April 2012, only a few attractions, including Los Cabos, The Melting Pot, and RiverWalk Movies had survived. The Creek tribe has been focused on revamping the complex.

If you were planning on moving to Tulsa soon, this entertainment complex ensures that you will not have to worry about boredom. And All My Sons Moving & Storage will make sure that you will not have to worry about moving safely to Tulsa.

During the last few months of her job, Former Tulsa District Attorney Janice Steidley doled out more than $50,000 in pay raises to four employees. The largest raise went to district manager and financial coordinator Misty Douglas, increasing her salary by about $20,000, for a total of $75,000.

According to Matt Ballard, the new district attorney, “it’s money that we don’t have going forward. This situation is infuriating. As a citizen and a taxpayer, to see public money squandered this way, it is extremely frustrating.”

Ballard, earning more than 61 percent of the vote, defeated Steidley in the Republican primary back in June.

On January 2, Steidley’s last day, she approved a $12,000 raise for secretary-assistant Natalie Roberts.

Ballard states that, “what this does do, is affect leave payouts and unemployment rates. We’re on the hook for annual leave. If an employee terminates employment either voluntarily or involuntarily, if they have annual vacation leave, that money is paid at the next pay period.”

The District Attorney is in charge of what employees get paid and handles any changes in salary.

Trent Baggett, assistant executive coordinator confirms that, “in a DA’s office, the only individual whose salary is provided by statute is the district attorney. Everybody else is at the pleasure of the DA.”

Less than three months prior to ending her job, Steidley gave eight raises to employees who were not retained by Ballard. Consequently, around the time that former prosecutors Donald Palik and Sean McConnell were notified that they would not be retained, Steidley gave the OK for both pay raises.

Ballard alleges that, “to see raises handed out with 52 minutes left in the previous administration, it’s clear that those weren’t based on merit. They were based on persons who were no longer going to be here.”

If you are planning on moving to Tulsa soon, unsolicited pay raises within the district attorney’s office won’t be a problem anymore, as Ballard seems to have a firm handle on handling the public’s money.

With the use of modern technology, it has become much easier for younger children to access social media whenever they want, and one Tulsa teacher had more than just something to say about it.

Rather than trashing social media sites and requesting that smartphones, tablets, and laptops be banned from classrooms, Melissa Bour believes in educating her students. Although a teacher attempting to educate her students is far from abnormal, what is out of the ordinary is that she is teaching the dangers of oversharing via social media sights, such as Facebook.

The 6th grade teacher takes social media education to another level, demonstrating to her classroom of 12-year-olds how far an image or post can travel in the realms of social media. In the end, Bour’s post traveled across the United States, and as far as a few foreign countries, as people from around the world shared her post.

With teachers like Bour, that watch over students and educate them on issues that affect their lives inside and outside of the classroom, Tulsa is the perfect place for families who are looking to move to a community that cares.

If you are moving to Tulsa, be sure to call your local moving company and speak with a moving specialist. With a third-generation, family-operated moving company such as All My Sons Moving & Storage, your family’s belongings will be well taken care of, because it is not only Tulsa teachers who are looking out for your family, but your local moving company as well.

With a unique and catchy name, great eats, and prime location, All About Cha Stylish Tea & Coffee is what everyone in Tulsa is talking about. This new café on the block of the BOK Center, has been catching the attention of the downtown nightlife lovers and downtown residents.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day, All About Cha has vibrant food choices that everyone will enjoy. On top of having some of the best food downtown, All About Cha (meaning tea) features all sorts of delectable tea classifications.

If you consider yourself a food and tea fanatic, downtown Tulsa may be the perfect home for you. Move to Tulsa today and you can enjoy a hot cup of black teas from China, green teas from Japan, and blended and herb teas from Korea, tomorrow.

All My Sons’ moving specialists suggests that anyone who is in the middle of a stressful move, visit All About Cha to kick back, relax, and enjoy what Tulsa has to offer. Didn’t think it could get any better? If you are on a moving time crunch, All About Cha can will come to you! At your convenience you can order catering from All About Cha to your new Tulsa home and spend more time getting settled into your new home.