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Before you move to a new city like Tulsa, it is usually best to get yourself up to speed on the lay of the land, the common lingo, and some general knowledge of what to expect in Tulsa. Professional Tulsa movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have a list of 15 things you should know about the city, and what to expect in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

1. College football is an obsession, a lifestyle, and a passion. Over the last 75 years, Oklahoma has the most wins and best winning percentage in college football. ESPN also ranked Oklahoma State as the most prestigious college football program.

2. Everyone eats Sonic, all the time.

3. Crowds and traffic are not really an issue here. Cue the sigh of relief if you are coming from Los Angeles.

4. When someone says “the city”, they are referring to Oklahoma City.

5. Paseo Arts District is one of the best spots in the country to check out art galleries.

6. Coke does not mean Coca-Cola. You will have to specify if you want a Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, or anything in between.

7. Oklahoma is home to some very famous people, like Chuck Norris, Carrie Underwood, Olivia Munn, Brad Pitt and Garth Brooks

8. Thunder is not just a term describing outdoor weather conditions. Tulsa and Oklahoma residents, like your professional Tulsa movers, are fanatics of the OKC Thunder, who are the second youngest NBA Finals team in history.

9. “Sooner” is not referring to a very short amount of time. It refers to a passionate fan of the Oklahoma Sooners football team.

10. Chicken fried steak does not include chicken. When you order chicken fried steak, you will get a piece of steak fried like chicken and covered in gravy.

11. When residents and professional Tulsa movers say “chat”, they actually mean gravel, not a casual conversation.

12. When people say Miami, they are not referring to the tropical city in Florida. It means Miami, Oklahoma.

13. Neighbors and friends take on a different meaning here. Especially in Tulsa, neighbors and friends are very close, and would do anything to help you.

14. The weather can be a bit temperamental.

15. Nothing beats the sky views at night. With all of Oklahoma’s wide open spaces, it is not just above you, it is all around you.

All My Sons professional Tulsa movers will help make your transition to the Sooner State easier with these tips on what to expect in Tulsa!

Oklahoma is a landlocked state; but surprisingly, Tulsa has more marine life than many other places. Just because there are no oceans nearby does not mean you have to miss out on seeing some of the world’s most interesting marine life. You can live the marine life right here in Tulsa! For new and current residents looking to explore the world’s aquatic creatures, Tulsa movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage recommend you spend a day at the Oklahoma aquarium.

With touch tanks, feeding shows, tours, and over 100 different exhibits, the Oklahoma Aquarium guarantees you will see something new every time you visit.

Feed turtles and pet stingrays in the touch tanks at EcoZone Exhibit.

Find out what you have been swimming with in Oklahoma’s lakes at the Aquatic Oklahoma Exhibit.

At the Extreme Fish Exhibit, check out fish that can breathe air, as well as fish that can see above and below water!

Not only does Oklahoma have a walk-through shark tank, but this aquarium is home to the biggest bull sharks in captivity at Ray & Robin Siegfried Families Shark Adventure. Referred to as “one of the most impressive shark collections in the world”, visitors do not just get to look at a couple of sharks, you get to enter a shark tunnel and watch the way these massive predators dart through the water right above your head!

You will not have to go all the way to the Amazon to see piranhas. The Marvels and Mysteries Exhibit will give you a close up look to some of the oceans most elusive creatures, such as sea horses, jellyfish, piranhas, and electric eels.

Tulsa movers recommend you experience the Oklahoma Aquarium in Tulsa. Admission is $15.95 for adults, and the aquarium offers discounts for senior citizens, military members, and children. The Oklahoma Aquarium is nonprofit, so all money collected through admission, memberships, and events goes directly to supporting exhibits and educational programs.

Although brunch is no new concept, it is quickly becoming a weekend staple for young adults. Why are so many people “brunching” on Saturdays and Sundays? Local Tulsa movers agree that brunch is a fun way to catch up with friends, relax, and sip some champagne over a great meal. Whether it is on a rooftop, by the beach, or in the heart of the city, “Sunday funday” is the new Friday night.

Here are a few of the best brunch spots in Tulsa

  1. For creative cocktails and cold craft beers, one of the best brunch spots in Tulsa is The Tavern on Main Street. The Tavern features American food and a laid back dining atmosphere, perfect for your lazy Sunday meal.
  1. If you are in Midtown, try Lucky’s on Cherry Street. Described as having drool-worthy food, Lucky’s is a local favorite for its stylish and upscale dining. Try the black eyed pea cakes or the daily chefs special with a refreshing mimosa.
  1. The Chalkboard is a classy, European-style bistro inside the Historic Ambassador Hotel. The Chalkboard serves brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. (just in case your morning is off to a late start!) Known as one of the best brunch spots in Tulsa, The Chalkboard serves a crab cake benedict, stuffed French toast, frittatas, and toasted wheat berry bread. If you prefer lunch with your bubbly, go for the Chalkboard Angus Burger or the avocado BLT.
  1. Tallgrass Prairie Table in Tulsa’s Blue Dome District serves brunch every Saturday and Sunday, from 10:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. Tallgrass is a chic brunch spot that specializes in using local ingredients for their meals. Local Tulsa movers announce that the menu changes with the season, giving you the endless opportunity to always try something new.

Moving to Tulsa means that you get to experience a whole plethora of new experiences, including La Semana Festival Americas. Have no idea what that means? Then allow All My Sons Moving & Storage to explain it to you.

– On Saturday, August 27, head to downtown Tulsa in order to get a taste of what being a Tulsa local is all about. This multicultural festival will include a street market with artistic and recreational activities for the whole family, plus live concerts. Not only that, but the whole family will be able to enjoy delicious food from Argentina, Mexico, and more.

– Do you know what the best part about La Semana Festival Americas is? The fact that it is about so much more than just the having fun – it is about education too. After moving to Tulsa, one of the first things you will notice is how important higher education is to the community. As part of La Semana Festival Americas, the recipients will be recognized in a commemorative ceremony.

– For those interest in getting to know the community better after moving to Tulsa, head to Guthrie Green Park on 111 E. Brady Street; festivities will start at 4 p.m. and will continue on until sunset.

Looking for a unique and fun way to keep your kids entertained this summer? Then look no further – the Butterfly Conservatory at Woodland Hills Mall has your name all over it.

One of the best ways to take a break from unpacking after moving to Tulsa, a trip to the Butterfly Conservatory at Woodland Malls is exactly what you need to reward your kids for being so patient during the entire moving process. The exhibit will feature more than 150 live butterflies from a multitude of different species, and will be available to visit until August 28.

According to Eileen Neighbors, director of marketing and business development, “We are dedicated to providing our visitors with unparalleled shopping, dynamic dining, and community-focused event experiences. This interactive butterfly exhibit is an extraordinary addition to our lineup of community events, and we are thrilled to welcome Butterfly Conservatory at Woodland Hills Mall this summer.” You quickly discover that getting to visit this exhibit is one of the best things to do after moving to Tulsa, mainly because there so few other opportunities to do so anywhere else. This exhibit offers much more than just a chance to look at butterflies; every day from 1-4 p.m., your kids can come and enjoy a reading of the classic children’s book, “The Very Hungry Catepillar.”

In addition to readings of the classic book, there will also be guided tours every 15 minutes. Once the tour is over, the group will be able to explore the conservatory on their own and interact with up to 150 butterflies. Trust us, visiting the Butterfly Conservatory at Woodland Hills Mall will make your kids wish you had finished moving to Tulsa sooner!

Have you just finished moving to Tulsa, and have absolutely no idea what to do with all your free time? Then luckily for you, not only are there tons of stuff going on at all times, but the summer in Tulsa has more things going on than normal.

In order to make sure you do not miss out on any of the fun, check out this guide to the best August Tulsa events.

Astronomy Night-Perseid Meteor Shower. Have no plans this upcoming August 13? Then, at 8 p.m., make some time to head to the Tulsa Botanic Garden in order to go for an early walk in the Garden before dark and stay as it turns to night. This is the perfect event for kids because at every event, they will bring a projector to show images of Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn, giving kids an inside look into the universe and beyond.

Journey Inside the Brain. The Laureate Institute for Brain Research, a scientific research institute that focuses on discovering brain-based technologies to improve mental health, is offering a free lecture. Sure to be high on the list of Tulsa events that you don’t want to miss, this is a lecture that you will want to attend right after moving to Tulsa.

Tulsa Mini Maker Fair. Consider this the local version of the award-winning, family-friendly, national and international event celebrating technology, education, science, arts, crafts, engineering, food, sustainability and more. For those looking for a great way to get to know your new home town, this is the event you want to go to after moving to Tulsa.

Moving to Tulsa right before school starts is hard enough on your kids, especially when they have never been to this city before. Luckily, All My Sons Moving & Storage has been in the business of moving families for generations, and have learned a thing or two about taking care of you and your kids.

Make sure you start the school year off right with this guide from All My Sons Moving & Storage to the best back to school events in Tulsa.

Back to School Bash. On Saturday, August 6th, head to this back to school event from 9 am to noon in order to attend the free health and safety fair for Broken Arrow public and private schools. This is the best way to decide which schools are best for your kids after moving to Tulsa because it allows you to meet with all of them at once.

Back to School Day at the BA Farmers Market. Looking for back to schools events that allows you to enjoy delicious food as well as find out what the schools in Tulsa have to offer? Then this is the event for you. The chef from Time Passages will demonstrate how to get kids involved for organic, easily packable lunch ideas.

Back to School Expo. On August 13th, head to the Back to School Expo from 9 am to 3 pm in order to discover almost 75 local exhibitors showcasing their selection of products and services designed to get you and your kids ready for the upcoming school year.

The Choregus is turning up the heat, if it is even possible, with Tulsa’s summer dance festival. The Choregus will be moving through Tulsa a little more fluidly than your All My Sons movers.

If All My Sons Moving & Storage was not working diligently moving your belongings, we would surely be attending this year’s performance of the Choregus as they give adaptations of classic fantasy novels such as The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Fortunately for you, your move is being taken care of so you and your family can enjoy this summer’s dance festival.

The summer dance festival has attracted leading contemporary dance artists from around the world to Tulsa. The Heat International Dance Festival lasts a week long and features five companies from three countries: Israel, France, and the United States.

All performances are family friendly and will be closing August 6th so be sure to not miss it! The festival opens the previous Saturday with a performance from Compagnie Herve Koubi.

Dance Companies Performing:

1. Koresh Dance Company: returning for their fifth year

2. L-E-V Dance Company: founded by former star of the Batsheva Dance Company, Sharon Eyal

3. 10 Hairy Legs: lead by choreographer Randy James

If you are moving to Tulsa, just mention the Summer Dance Festival to your All My Sons movers and they will rave about its success over the past several years. Whether you are just moving to Tulsa and are new to this rich town or have been a nomadic resident, All My Sons highly recommends everyone to end Summer 2016 on a high note by attending the Summer Dance Festival. Every year there is something different in store for the audience and it is a Tulsa experience you cannot miss.

While your All My Sons movers were packing your personal belongings, did you notice if you had a large collection of books you no longer use or were just packed away in storage?


Well, you can help alongside Ellen DeGeneres by moving books into other people’s homes who are in need of them. If you have already read the book or your child out grew their bedtime stories, it is time to donate!


In Tulsa, Ellen DeGeneres donated Bookmobile to keep Union students reading during the summer break. Ellen basically threw a moving truck and a library together, and created an amazing idea to continue education in Tulsa.


Instead of having your Tulsa moving company move your books to yet another storage room, help Ellen in moving books to those in need.


Ellen DeGeneres has been donating thousands of free books for several years now and encourages everyone to get involved. Just ask your All My Sons movers to set aside any books they find as they are packing up your belongings to move to Tulsa.


If you do not have many books to donate, there are several other ways you can help. Have you looked through your clothes to see what you actually use and what is collecting dust in your closet? Have you thoroughly sifted through your kitchen and garage to see what items are reusable that no longer have purpose to you? Both Ellen DeGeneres and All My Sons Tulsa recommend donating these items to a local charity.

Looking for something fun and active to do while your Tulsa, Oklahoma movers are invading your home packing and moving your belongings? Well, join your local moving company in the annual summer Five to Find summer fun.

The Five to Find are the five things to do before summer ends. Not only will you enjoy yourself while All My Sons Moving & Storage does all the heavy lifting, but you will get to know Tulsa a little better by the end.

1. Eat a Snow Cone: There is no denying this summer’s heat. And nothing says summer like an ice cold treat. When the temperatures rise above 100 degrees, it is time for shaved ice splashes with fun colorful syrup. Head to Josh’s Sno Shack and cool down.

2. See a Drive-In Movie: Once you have survived the crazy summer heat and the sun has set, the second Five to Find option is to kick back in the comfort of your car and watch a movie. Nostalgic activities are the best ones! Currently, at the Admiral Twin they are showing Ice Age, The Secret Life of Pets, and Star Trek Beyond.

3. Take a Dip: Take your family to Safari Joe’s H2O Water Park. Another fun and family friendly way to escape the crazy summer heat after moving to Tulsa.

4. Visit a Farmers Market: During the early morning before the temperature rises, take a stroll through the Cherry Street Farmers Market or the Brookside Farmers Market starting at 7 a.m.

5. Take a Float Trip: Float trips are a summer must! Float down the Illinois River and stop along the way to swim and picnic.