6th Grade Tulsa Teacher Tackles Social Media Education

With the use of modern technology, it has become much easier for younger children to access social media whenever they want, and one Tulsa teacher had more than just something to say about it.

Rather than trashing social media sites and requesting that smartphones, tablets, and laptops be banned from classrooms, Melissa Bour believes in educating her students. Although a teacher attempting to educate her students is far from abnormal, what is out of the ordinary is that she is teaching the dangers of oversharing via social media sights, such as Facebook.

The 6th grade teacher takes social media education to another level, demonstrating to her classroom of 12-year-olds how far an image or post can travel in the realms of social media. In the end, Bour’s post traveled across the United States, and as far as a few foreign countries, as people from around the world shared her post.

With teachers like Bour, that watch over students and educate them on issues that affect their lives inside and outside of the classroom, Tulsa is the perfect place for families who are looking to move to a community that cares.

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Try Tulsa’s New All About Cha

With a unique and catchy name, great eats, and prime location, All About Cha Stylish Tea & Coffee is what everyone in Tulsa is talking about. This new café on the block of the BOK Center, has been catching the attention of the downtown nightlife lovers and downtown residents.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day, All About Cha has vibrant food choices that everyone will enjoy. On top of having some of the best food downtown, All About Cha (meaning tea) features all sorts of delectable tea classifications.

If you consider yourself a food and tea fanatic, downtown Tulsa may be the perfect home for you. Move to Tulsa today and you can enjoy a hot cup of black teas from China, green teas from Japan, and blended and herb teas from Korea, tomorrow.

All My Sons’ moving specialists suggests that anyone who is in the middle of a stressful move, visit All About Cha to kick back, relax, and enjoy what Tulsa has to offer. Didn’t think it could get any better? If you are on a moving time crunch, All About Cha can will come to you! At your convenience you can order catering from All About Cha to your new Tulsa home and spend more time getting settled into your new home.

Looking for a Job? Move to Tulsa!

Tulsa is giving residents the gift of a promising job market this holiday season! The talk around town says that several companies are looking to hire more in 2015 than in previous years.

If there was ever a good time to move to Tulsa, All My Sons Moving & Storage suggests that you do so now. It is rare that employers keep the same hiring pace after the peak holiday months; however, Tulsa employers are not looking to cut back this January.

Tulsa hiring rates will be increasing the first quarter of the year. Manpower Employment Outlook Survey suggests that 16 percent of Tulsa companies will be increasing their hiring rates in comparison to 2014. Meanwhile, 74 percent of employers stated that their workforce would remain strong and steady.

Overall, Tulsa received a 13 percent new employment outlook, landing them the 15th spot among the best employment outlooks in metropolitan areas across the nation.

All My Sons moving professionals can tell you first hand that now is the time to move to Tulsa if you are looking for a job. With growing job opportunities there are plenty of occupations available for you. Spruce up your job resume, move to Tulsa, and get a head start on 2015 job offers.

Tulsa Walking Club has the Perfect Opportunity for You!

If you are moving to Tulsa and are new to the area, All My Sons moving company recommends that you get out and meet people. The fastest way to feel at home in Tulsa is to get out and become an active member of the community. Luckily, the Tulsa Walking Club has the perfect opportunity for you!

Not only will you be working out, you will also be able to meet several friendly Tulsa residents by joining the Tulsa Walking Club. Whether you are a pro speed walker or a couch potato, the club welcomes everyone to join.

Join this year’s national walking event “10-11-12-13-14 Time to Walk”. You can sign up for the free event at the YMCA and get ready to walk at 10:11 a.m. on December 13th, 2014 (10-11-12-13-14).

During the 3-mile walk there will be hundreds of people for you to meet. By joining fellow Tulsa Walking Club members, you will have an easier time adjusting to the new city, especially during the holiday season when everyone else is gathering with friends and family.

All My Sons knows that moving to a new town can be difficult this time of year; however, there are ways to overcome the loneliness and discomfort of moving to a new town during the holidays. Join the Tulsa Walking Club and gain friends while you lose weight! For more tips on how to make your move easier, visit your local All My Sons site or call the Tulsa moving specialists today!

Tulsa’s 9th Annual Williams Route 66 Marathon

Whether your are a Tulsa local or just a visitor, you may have had the pleasure of participating in one of this town’s biggest events of the year! Thousands of runners from all across the United States, the world even, came together in Tulsa Sunday morning to take part in the 9th Annual Williams Route 66 Marathon.

For all of you active, adventure seeking folks who are looking to move to Tulsa, we have an event that will draw you in, year after year!

If running is your passion, be sure to move to Tulsa during the New Year and get settled in just in time to be part of the 2015 Route 66 Marathon. If you do not already enjoy running but want to pick up the hobby, you have an entire year to prepare!

The Tulsa Route 66 Marathon includes a standard marathon, half marathon, and a marathon relay. Starting downtown and ending by the Brady Art District, the marathon is a great way to tour Tulsa and meet fellow runners. Apart from the marathon events, the weekend is always jam packed with events for everyone to enjoy.

Chase Morris Foundation Hosts Student Screenings

The city of Tulsa believes that when it comes to your children, is it better to be safe than sorry.

One of Tulsa’s recent concerns is the health defects that are often overlooked in children, due to their age. When it comes to heart problems, the young and healthy population are not a large concern. However, the Morris family of Tulsa disagrees.

If you are not a Tulsa local, you may not be familiar with Chase Morris. Morris was a healthy, young, and athletic student who was a victim of an overlooked heart problem. This year, the Chase Morris Foundation insisted on hosting screenings for potential heart problems for more than 200 students in Tulsa.

Although screenings are not as promoted as they should be among adolescents, the city of Tulsa and the Chase Morris Foundation encourage families to not take the chance in not getting a heart screening for their youngest children.

Tulsa is full of bright students with a long life ahead of them, and that is exactly how Tulsa wants it to stay. If you move to Tulsa, you can be certain that your children will be in great hands.

Thousands Attended the Tulsa Veterans Day Parade

Nothing could stop the thousands of Tulsa residents from lining up for the Veterans Day Parade, not even in the less than suitable weather. Everyone from all ages were layered up and bundled to stay warm on Tuesday morning, because when it comes to celebrating those who have fought on our behalf, Tulsa residents know that it is worth it.

The Tulsa Veterans Day parade featured everything from floats, ROTC members, and high school marching bands who played through the chilly, early afternoon. Tulsans believe that the very least that they can do for our veterans that have sacrificed so much for us, is stand out in the cold in their honor. Despite the cold weather, Tulsa put on a great parade.

If you are looking to move to Tulsa in the near future, you should know that the Tulsa community is by far some of the friendliest people you will meet, and loyal to our veterans! If you are looking to settle down in a great community, call All My Sons Moving & Storage of Tulsa and schedule your move today!

Comic Con is Coming to Tulsa

Halloween has come and gone, but several people in Tulsa are still in costumes. Normally, this would be a little strange; however, this year Comic Con is coming to Tulsa for the first time.

Comic Con is a nonprofit education corporation whose sole purpose is to create awareness and appreciation for comics and related art forms through hosting conventions and events. It is heaven for sci-fi and fantasy fans and has, in recent years, topped over 130,000 attendees.

This ultimate comic convention is usually hosted in San Diego, but Nashville’s turnout is one of the largest as well. With the increase in attendance and popularity, Comic Con has received several smaller shows that have sprouted across the United States, one location being Tulsa.

Over the years, Comic Con has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that thousands of fans travel from all over the country to take part in.

This is good news for Tulsa; Comic Con will help boost the local economy by drawing in a flood of people into downtown Tulsa for the massive convention.

Take out your Halloween costumes once more and come to Tulsa’s first Comic Con! Saturday night they will be holding a costume contest, or you can wear your costume for fun! Comic Con is a perfect place to be creative and relish in the world of sci-fi.

If you are looking to move to Tulsa, there are always new and exciting things coming to Tulsa each year!

Athletic Women Excel of Tulsa

Athletes have been used as an iconic image for a strong, powerful, and healthy person. However, when we talk about athletes many of us immediately think professional athletes, which is not always the case.

Everyone has the potential to be an athlete whether they go professional or not. There are many unspoken benefits of being an athlete of all kinds, which Athletic Women Excel of Tulsa is trying to promote.

AWE Tulsa is a new initiative introduced by the Tulsa Sports Commission that wants to educate females on how they can own their bodies and fight past their comfort zones.

Being an athlete, you learn about defeat and how to pick yourself back up again. You learn how to push yourself past your comfort zone to do better and be better. Perhaps most importantly, you develop a sense of confidence that you otherwise would not have.

Aside from health benefits and physical appearance, AWE Tulsa pushes female athletes in order to promote the benefiting characteristics that participating in athletics can have. The Tulsa Sports Commission is hopeful that this initiative will bring a new focus on womens’ athletic events and programs to Tulsa. If you are a woman and moving to Tulsa, be sure to take a look at this new initiative taking place in the Tulsa community.

East Tulsa Outlet Mall Proposal

Are you looking to move to Tulsa? Consider moving to a home in East Tulsa! If you like shopping, East Tulsa will soon be able to satisfy your every retail need.

Horizon Group Properties has just released a proposal to build an outlet mall, featuring nearly 100 stores. Not only will you have several stores to choose from, the outlet mall will also feature prices to appeal to everyone.

Apart from being a large attraction for shoppers and those needing some retail therapy, the city expects that the addition of the mall will lead to growth for East Tulsa. The large outlet mall will bring jobs and help to generate revenue from shoppers who come from all over Oklahoma.

Although the plan is still in the early stages, there is a lot of excitement for the thriving future that the mall signifies for Tulsa. Current proposal plans are under review for the East Tulsa locations, as well as discussions for a West Tulsa location.

The city of Tulsa already has a lot to offer and will only continue to bring more to the table for its residents.

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