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Best Ways to Unpack a Truck After Moving to Tulsa

A lot of people don’t realize how much work moving to Tulsa can be. In fact, a common area where first time movers go wrong is not knowing how to unload a moving a truck. After purchasing packing supplies, getting their home sorted for the move and loading the truck, there’s still more work to do. Moving is a long process that never truly seems to end, but with proper guidance and following the steps that the pros take, it can be done quickly.

Create a Map

Before you begin putting things into your new home, walk through each room to get a mental idea of where you want to put things. By creating a sort of map of where everything will be placed, you’ll be able to shave time off your move and ultimately make things easier on both yourself and your Tulsa movers.

Take a close look at doorways to ensure you’ll have enough room to bring larger pieces of furniture, and remove doors if necessary. It can be annoying to go through all the work of packing a sofa only to find that you don’t have space to get it through the door frame. Be sure to clear a safe path from the moving truck to the doorway of the new home as well. It is a common mistake for people to forget to remove obstructions and in turn, waste time and energy when attempting to unload the moving truck.

Unpack Like an Expert

Once you’ve unloaded all your belongings, it’s time to start unpacking and turning your new house into a home. Begin unpacking the boxes labeled for the bedroom and living room first. These are the areas that you’ll be spending most of your time initially. Make sure that you have your essentials box in plain sight. While it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get through everything in the first day or even the first week after unloading your moving truck, you should at least begin to establish some comfort first.

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