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Can I leave my dressers packed?

Some movers in Tulsa do allow you to leave your dressers packed. You know, when it comes to moving, every little bit helps. I simply mean the less you have to pack, the easier it is to move through your moving things to do list. When you find a Tulsa mover that allows you to leave your clothing in your dressers, that’s one indication that you’ve found a good moving company. However, don’t just settle for that, but a reputable mover will also include quilt-pad wrapping of your furniture and breakdown and reassembly of your furniture as well. The moving business is a part of the service industry. You should feel like your mover is going out of his or her way to ensure you have the best moving experience possible. If you’re not “feeling the love,” take your business to a Tulsa moving company that appreciates your patronage and exemplifies the type of customer satisfaction you deserve.

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