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Costly Mistakes with Purchasing the Wrong Packing Supplies

There’s no such thing as a perfect move, and anyone who has ever moved has experienced some of the common woes that come along with the process. Items become damaged, time is limited and injuries may occur if the necessary steps aren’t taken. Moving to Tulsa without the correct packing supplies can be a catastrophe which is why it’s important to mimic the pros when planning a move. Here are some of the things that can go wrong when you don’t do what needs to be done.


Not securing moving boxes

Having good strong moving boxes are one of the more important aspects of planning a move. These containers are going to be used to put your valuables in and keep them protected during transport. However, not securing them with strong tape can lead to damages to your belongings. Using the wrong packaging tape can lead to unforeseen expenses that could have easily been avoided.


Using incorrect padding or none at all

There is a wide choice of packaging materials to choose from and the items you’re moving will strongly determine what you’ll need to purchase. Fragile items such as dishware, glassware, and electronics should be wrapped in bubble wrap and additionally reinforced with packing peanuts. Packing paper is also a good item to use as well. Some people like to opt for newspaper and t-shirts for padding, which can be fine, but aren’t the most ideal packing supplies for securing your belongings.


Cheap packing supplies

Trying to cut costs on packing supplies can end up costing more than you would think. People like to acquire free moving boxes in Tulsa from previous moves which can be a great way to save on a moving budget, but if those moving boxes aren’t strong, their contents can easily fall through the bottom. You can always find quality packing supplies in Tulsa by turning to All My Sons Moving & Storage.


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