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How to Tip Your Tulsa Movers

Not sure how to tip your Tulsa movers? All My Sons Moving & Storage gives you a few options to choose from.

Tip With Cash

Some people think that they should choose a tip based off a percentage, like they do in other service industries. However, moving and packing services are more expensive than most services, so flat fees are usually better than percentages. Ultimately, the tip is up to you because Tulsa movers don’t require or suggest giving a tip. It is usually pretty standard to give a minimum of $20-$30 per mover. If your move is more complex, tip $40-$50 per mover.

Another way of tipping can be $4-$6/hour per mover. This gets you to about $20-30 for local, shorter moves, and $40-$50 for more complex moves.

Out of a courtesy to your Tulsa movers, do tip them individually. It will show that you recognize and appreciate their individual work and ensure that each of them get a fair share of the cut.

Treat Your Movers

If you aren’t comfortable with handing someone cash for their services, you are more than welcome to treat your movers. Moving is hard, so take them out to lunch, keep them full with snacks during the day, and always have refreshments. They will appreciate the extra fuel that you are giving them and it will brighten up their day!


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