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What to Budget for a Long-Distance Move

So, you’re moving to Tulsa and you’re not sure how to budget for a long-distance move. No need to worry, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Tulsa has created this guide to help first time long distance movers. Here’s what long distance movers recommend when making your moving budget:

  • Budget for The Unexpected

The best moving budget advice you could ever get from long distance movers is to expect the unexpected. We like to think that you will have an unexpected expense when moving to Tulsa, it’s not a question of “if it will happen”, but rather a question of “when it’s going to happen”.

We recommend that you should always keep an extra $500 for complications that arise due to unforeseen expenses.

  • Negotiate with Long Distance Movers

Remember you can negotiate! Shop around for Tulsa long distance movers and take advantage of free moving quotes. If a long distance moving company does not offer free moving quotes, it’s probably a sign to find another. Never settle unknown moving prices!

  • Start Making Lists with Expenses

The backbone of any good moving budget is a detailed list. Find a great moving checklist and customize it for your move to Tulsa. Put the dollar amount next to each expense in your moving checklist. As a rule, try to remove needless expenses as you see them. Remember, the devil is in the details, so make sure you take your time combing through the checklist to find anything that could possibly be removed.

  • Stick to The Budget

It’s going to be difficult but try to stick to your budget as much as you can and only use your “unexpected $500” for emergencies that come up within the final week before the move, and one week after moving to Tulsa.


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