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Marathon Man Stays on the Move for Entire Year!

Your Tulsa movers are awestruck after learning of “Marathon Man,” Stefaan Engels and his incredible feats of strenuous physical activity. The Belgian runner has just completed his 365th marathon, the first of which he completed 365 days prior to his final race. That’s one marathon race each day for an entire year in case you weren’t making the connection; most people, myself included, would cringe at the thought of running just one marathon alone! What an accomplishment! This is obviously a Guinness-worthy record, but was intended only as a motivator to people to get active for their own good. After a year of marathons, 9,569 miles, Engels stated that, “I wanted to inspire people by showing that if I could run a marathon a day for an entire year, that anyone could run or bike a little each day…” Talk about long distance moving!

It takes quite a bit of discipline as well as strength to commit to such demanding physical activity on a daily basis; something your Tulsa area movers know all too well. Every single day we are helping people move in Tulsa in a fast and orderly fashion. Customers who move with us once tend to trust ALL of their moving needs exclusively to your Tulsa relocation experts from that point forward. We are always ready to move you, because with constant strenuous physical activity comes endurance; you’ll never catch our movers on an off day struggling or slowing down! You won’t likely see us running marathons though! Hat’s off to the Marathon Man!

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