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Moving the Couch

“How did we ever get this couch in here?!” Have you ever found yourself saying this when the time comes to pack up shop and move to a new home? Your couch can be rather difficult to move when you can’t manage to get it through the door! Furthermore; maneuvering a stubborn couch through a tricky doorway usually requires trial-and-error attempts which can cause damage to walls, door frames, and of course to the couch. To avoid damage to your home and furniture, your Tulsa moving professionals here always utilize durable quilt pad wrapping. In the instance of a tricky couch and doorway situation, quilt pad protection is wrapped around the couch and also applied to the edges of your doorway. Your moving team has moved enough times to be confident in our ability to navigate a couch through the trickiest of door and hallways; if it can be done, it will!

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