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What to Know When Packing and Relocating Your Office

If you are getting ready to relocate your business to a totally new office space, there are many things you can do to prepare for the most successful move. Moving offices require the proper packing supplies as well as a strategic plan put in place to ensure your business is properly maintained throughout the moving process. Our Tulsa Moving Company All My Sons Moving & Storage gives you advice on everything to know when making an office relocation.

Inventory Checklist

Organization will make any office move so much easier and you’re going to want to keep track of everything currently in the office as well as what you are transporting. Whether you decide to hire a local packing company or perform the move yourself, it’s still important to take inventory on all items in your office. We suggest you make a list of the items in each room, the quantity of items, and where it will be going once it arrives at the new office space.

Label Items

Just like any move, you want to place labels on every item where you can easily spot them. It’s important to label all items that are going to be moved to the new office such as desk chairs, computer monitors, desks, and shelves.

Furniture and Electronics

Once you have tackled the small items you can now turn your attention to larger and more significant items that will need to be transferred. You can use moving blankets to wrap dissembled furniture that has the potential to be damaged through the process. When it comes to your electronics, you should perform a backup of all files before disconnecting the computers and packing them up.

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