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Packing Products to Use in an Eco-Friendly Move

Families moving to Tulsa understand just how many packing supplies can go to waste after the moving process is finished. People typically don’t reuse the packing products purchased such as moving boxes and packing peanuts, which can end up being harmful to the environment. This is why so many people contact All My Sons Moving & Storage Tulsa movers to figure out ways to make eco-friendly moves possible. Based on this important initiative, we’ve outlined the following alternative packing products for your next eco-friendly move.



Suitcases, especially those with wheels are perfect for packing heavy electronics, games, DVDs and books. After all, these are items that you will not only use in the future, but your suitcases are strong and sturdy and though limited in space, are able to withstand impact during the transportation process. Additionally, you can also utilize laundry hampers and clean garbage cans to transport your belongings to your new home.


Plastic Containers

As a fairly common household item, most people have ready access to plastic containers. These can be used as a substitute for cardboard boxes and are useful for packing heavy pots and pans, small kitchen appliances, dry goods from your pantry, items. Just be careful when lifting and placing these boxes to avoid breakage.


Clothing, Towels & Linens

As a substitute for packing peanuts and bubble wrap, you can use the items in your closet to protect your fragile items. You can use towels to wrap dish and glassware as well as other breakable décor. You can also use old t-shirts to line the bottom of your moving box as a way of providing extra cushioning. Balls of socks are an eco-friendly replacement for peanuts and other costly products to keep delicate objects from bouncing around in the box.


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