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Preventing Accidents and Injuries While Packing

Moving can be frustrating and overwhelming which means accidents and injuries are likely to happen. It’s easy to prevent moving accidents if you know how. Tulsa movers know exactly how to get the most out of your move without all the bumps, scrapes, and damages to your furniture. Keep these tips in mind when moving to Tulsa!

Preventing Injuries

Your safety is more important than the furniture so let’s start with preventing injuries when moving to Tulsa.

  1. Hold everything close to your body. The most common moving injury happens to your hands and fingers. Dropping boxes, snagging your finger on counters and doorways, and straining your hands holding heavy furniture. Holding everything close to your body is the best way to avoid these injuries!
  2. Lift with your legs and keep your back straight. The most painful moving injury comes from the strain you put on your back.
  3. Prevent moving accidents simply by staying focused. Get a good night’s sleep and stay well hydrate because awareness of your surrounding will prevent more moving accidents than anything else!

Once you’ve ensure that you’re safe, it’s on to your belongings.

Prevent Accidents

Without a doubt, the most frustrating part of moving to Tulsa is accidentally damaging your furniture and appliances. But it can be avoided easily and here’s how:

  1. Packing supplies are a great way to prevent damage when accidents are impossible to prevent. Bubble wrap, plastic covers and boxes will provide the cushioning you need to prevent chips, nicks and scratches.
  2. The most important packing supply that all Tulsa movers use is the moving dolly. A dolly will allow you to take your time and carefully move your belongings.

Prevent moving accidents and stay safe when you move to Tulsa this summer!


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