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Required moving supplies for your move in Tulsa

Packing your valuables with quality moving supplies is an integral component to ensuring your furnishings arrive at your destination unscathed. Note the items below and secure them for your upcoming relocation.

  • Boxes
    It may seem obvious – but boxes will be necessary. You can buy these boxes from your Tulsa moving company. Many acquire free boxes from area local businesses. These businesses dispose of received boxes and make available for customers who ask.
  • Scissors and Tape
    Keep a few rolls of a packing tape and a few pairs of scissors around. You’ll be surprised how quick you’ll misplace them in all the chaos of moving.
  • Colored Markers
    Labeling boxes properly is paramount in a quick and organized move, particularly if you’re using professional Tulsa movers. Color-coding or at a minimum labeling can be very effective in getting boxes placed where you need them.
  • Packing or Butcher Paper
    Butcher or packing paper can be helpful in packing valuables.
  • Moving Blankets
    Not necessary if you have professional movers coming – but in a DYI move blankets are essential to packing and carrying large but fragile items such as mirrors and picture frames. Use heavy blankets to wrap these items to prevent breakage.
  • Box Cutter
    Keep one or two (they’re easily misplaced) handy while packing or unpacking. Be sure to retract the cutter’s blade when not in use to prevent injury. Keep the box cutter out of reach of children.
  • Gloves
    Good strong fiber work gloves can be helpful, especially when moving heavy furniture that is awkward to grip.
  • Bubble Wrap
    Bubble wrap can be useful for packing fragile items such as dishes. Adding a layer between stacked dishes can help prevent breakage.
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