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Tulsa’s Top New Restaurants

Tulsa may surprise you with their recent additions to the restaurant scene. Notably, Tulsa started a new trend when four restaurants opened side-by-side concepts that share the same kitchen. Whether you are just planning on visiting or are contemplating moving to Tulsa, these restaurants will make you want to become one with the locals.

  1. Silverado Steakhouse. Offering everything from steak to salmon and inbetween, this restaurant on the rodeo grounds will have you wanting to order everything on the menu.
  2. Sisserou’s A Taste of the Caribbean. Where else in landlocked Tulsa can you feel like you are sipping pina coladas in the Caribbean? At Sisserou’s, located in Tulsa’s Brady Arts District, enjoy Dominican cuisine, featuring the likes of plantain poppers, jerk chicken, and oxtail stew.
  3. Tallgrass Prairie Table. Located in the heart of the historic Blue Dome entertainment district in downtown Tulsa, Tallgrass Prairie Table prides itself on serving locally sourced Modern American cuisine. If you are feeling brave, this is the place to come try their Snout and Tail Tasting Menu.
  4. La Crepe Nanou. Quite possibly one of the only places in Tulsa that can make you feel like you have slipped away to a bistro café in France; La Crepe Nanou will have you drooling over their sweet crepes and impressive French Wine list. Bon appetit!
  5. 624 Kitchen & Catering. Easily one of the best special event and private party venues in downtown Tulsa, boasting over 3,000 square feet of private dining space. On Sundays, they open to serve a delightful brunch buffet that will make you never want to leave.
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