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What to Do with Boxes and Other Packing Supplies After a Move

Finally, you’ve arrived in Tulsa after a long and frustrating moving process! Welcome to our little slice of Mid-Western paradise! You’ve stuck to your moving budget, you’ve avoided moving injuries, you’ve tipped your movers and you’ve finally finished unpacking; phew. So the next, and final challenge you have to deal with is what to do with all these packing supplies and moving boxes.

  1. Keep Them

Moving boxes can be used to store extra items in your house. Be sure to keep your moving boxes in good shape while unpacking because you can use them again.

Packing supplies are universal so the tape, dollies and plastic overs can always find a use in your house. Hang on to them for a few weeks after the move and you may find a use for them!

  1. Sell Your Moving Boxes

There’s a market for moving boxes and most people are looking for a few ways to save money when moving to Tulsa. That being the case, you could make a little money back after your move by selling your moving boxes and packing supplies.

However, All My Sons Moving & Storage always recommends that our customers purchase new moving boxes to ensure that all items are safe and protected during the transit. That being the case, if your moving supplies are still in good shape, it may be worthwhile to sell it online.

  1. Donate the Packing Supplies

If you aren’t interested in making a profit on your used moving boxes, consider donating them or giving them away. Schools, charity stores and local bookstores can always use boxes in good shape.

  1. Recycle

If you don’t have the time or energy to donate or sell your second-hand packing supplies, then be sur to recycle them. Break down your boxes to make it easier for the recycling plant and find out if your neighborhood has a policy on recycling cardboard.


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